Copy: a single specimen, transcript, reproduction, or imitation

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“Here’s my book,” Keith said as he handed a copy of his novel The Starflower to the appliance technician. Our oven heating element had broken, and the damage from the resulting explosion was beyond our DIY abilities. Plus, it was fun to chat with this guy, because he’s a reader.

Copy as a single specimen

Although The Starflower released on August 18th, Keith didn’t receive his copies of the paperback until August 26th. What a day that was! Each copy a single specimen to hand to others. 

Copy as transcript

My readers might know that every morning, I copy scripture from faith reflections I subscribe to online and write out my prayers. A journal like this lasts about a year, depending on the size and number of pages front and back. When I run out of pages, I throw out the journal and start a new one. 

I keep another journal on my laptop, in which I write every morning. Private, between God and me. I will allow that copy transcript of my thoughts to remain, so I can explore what I’m thinking until I must leave this earth. 

Copy as reproduction

Earlier this year, I wrote about a fake or faux-fur throw I’d received as a Christmas gift. I love it. Unlike many items, it doesn’t try to pass itself off as ta copy of the real thing. But we do have to watch out for people—and I certainly include myself here—because people can be fake reproductions, sometimes without even knowing it.

As Richard Rohr states, the task in the first half of life is to establish “an identity, a home, relationships, friends, community, security, and building a proper platform for our only life.” In some ways, our external “container” is fake, a copy, an imitation, a lookalike, a likeness based on what we see in others and incorporate into ourselves. In the second half of life, we have the opportunity to watch out for that counterfeit, in others and ourselves, and to stretch or even replace the fake with something better. To copy Him so as to discover our grace gifts and put them to use for the benefit of others.

Copy as imitation

Did you ever play Follow the Leader when you were a kid? One was chosen to be the leader, and the rest lined up behind. Followers had to copy all the actions and movements of the leader—running when the leader ran, doing jumping jacks, taking three steps forward… Anyone who didn’t copy a movement was out.

We watch our dogs imitate each other, especially when a new member is added to our pack. The new dog copies the veteran’s behavior until he or she learns both the rules and the territory. Then the dogs leverage their strengths. Although Freya was smarter, Heathcliff had the better nose, so she followed him when they went adventuring. Now the veteran, Cato shows Mac the lay of the land and how to “wait.” And Mac copies him.

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  1. aschmeisser

    They wake before the morning sun;
    propriety they do not heed.
    It’s one for all and all for one,
    and Chihuahuas take the lead.
    Belle the Wolf is following
    with Henry right behind.
    The Roskettes, they are hollering,
    and I cannot seem to find
    the shoes laid out bedside my bed…
    oh, there’s one in Roscoe’s mouth!
    This is playing with my head,
    and the morning’s headed south,
    but these are bright joys, and not woes,
    for this is the life we chose.

    • Carole Duff

      Love this!

      • dawnfanshawe

        And how exciting it is to receive that first copy of your own manuscript in print!!! Bless you, Carole.

        • Carole Duff

          Yes, thank you, Dawn. I’m hoping my story will encourage others to take the journey of faith toward healing and drawing closer to God.

  2. bigskybuckeye

    Having certain daily routines is a blessing to have. Thank you Carole for sharing some of yours.

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you for your encouragement, Richard. -C.D.


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