Propose: an idea, plan, marriage offer

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“What you propose to do is good.” 

Propose: to put forward an idea

In Deuteronomy 1:9-14, Moses knew he would not enter the Promised Land. So, he prepared the people, telling them of God’s guidelines, and exhorted them to choose wise leaders.

At that time I said to you, “You are too heavy a burden for me to carry alone. 10 The Lord your God has increased your numbers so that today you are as numerous as the stars in the sky. 11 May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised! 12 But how can I bear your problems and your burdens and your disputes all by myself? 13 Choose some wise, understanding and respected men from each of your tribes, and I will set them over you.” 

14 You answered me, “What you propose to do is good.”

Propose: to make an offer of marriage

“So, are we having a second date?” Keith asked me on March 2, 2003.

After we kissed, I said, “Yes. What you propose is good.”

A month later, he asked, “So, is this leading to marriage?” 

With heart racing, I said, “Yes. What you propose is good.”

The following summer, I had a ring on my finger. Two summers after that, we united in marriage. We committed to one another and said:

“What we propose to do is good.” 

Propose: to put forward a plan

The house is quiet today. Our granddaughter’s Monopoly Discover game has been put away; guest towels and sheets washed and ready for the next visit; wine decanter and glasses stored. After my daughter’s fabulous cooking, it’s back to simple fare: turkey soup and salad for supper. 

As always, I start my day, reading faith reflections, journaling, and praying. Then I ask, “What do You propose for me?”

Weed grasses along the pathway and tend your vegetable garden, I hear. My daughter staked our tomatoes, so those chores will be much easier.

Focus on your mission: practice, write, read, reach out to others. In less than a month, you’ll be presenting at HippoCamp. It’s time for final preparations.

Good plan, I think, and bow my head. “What You propose for me is good.” As always.

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  1. Gary Fultz

    That’s a good response Carole, not just a good line.

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you, Gary. Always good to hear from you! -C.D.

  2. Jen

    I’m so thankful we have a Father who shows us the way, even before we get there, and calls it good!

    • Carole Duff

      God is good, all the time. Bless you, Jen!


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