Have you ever had a ‘perfect’ waiter or waitress?

“Mixed green salad? Perfect!”

“Grilled salmon with capers? Perfect!”

“Crème Brulee? Perfect!”

Yeah, I know, ‘perfect’ is all about buttering up the customer for a larger tip.


I used to love being perfect. My little fanny wiggled with delight whenever anyone said “Perfect” to me. Anything less meant I hadn’t measured up, that what I’d done or said was something less than, well, perfect.

Last week I experienced a different perfect: ‘perfect’ customer service, aka marketing. I called my bank to alert them of a foreign charge I planned to make on my credit card. I had done this in the past, for other foreign purchases, so I thought I knew the drill. After navigating the layered menus and options, I finally connected with a representative.

“I’m calling to alert you that there will be a sizable charge to my credit card next week from a foreign travel company. Please make a note on my account that I have authorized this charge.”

“Perfect! Our records show that you don’t use this card very often. I see you have ‘perfect’ opportunities to increase your usage.”

“Thank you, but I generally use this card as back-up for travel purposes.”

“Perfect! By using this card, you get ‘perfect’ rewards.”

“I’m aware of the rewards program, but I would like it noted on my account that next week there will be a charge of a sizable amount from a foreign travel company.”

“Perfect! I can help you with your rewards. They are posted to your account two to three business days after the charge. Perfect!”

“Thank you for that information, but would you please make sure that this foreign company’s sizable charge to my account will clear without a hold up?”

“I can do that, perfect!”

(I kid you not.)

LessThanPerfectMy husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past weekend, dining at the Ivy Inn Restaurant in Charlottesville. Fortunately, our waiter wasn’t the ‘perfect’ type. I took this less-than-perfect picture of dessert after I’d taken a few bites. My now-ample fanny wiggled with delight.

And we left our kind waiter a generous tip.


  1. Maha Khan

    Oh Wishing you zillion perfect happy years together. Amazing post- I thought it was about perfect food you had- but it tuned out to be unique

  2. Carole Duff

    Thank you so much for your kind wishes, for reading my blog, and for your comment!


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