Heathcliff’s Injury and Tips for Recovery

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HeathcliffSept2015I really like to chase deer and turkeys up and down the mountain. About a month ago, I went running and a few minutes later came back limping like a three-legged dog. I’ve come home lame before, but this time my leg didn’t get better.

Keith and Carole took me in the car – Freya came, too. As we drove down the mountain road, Freya and I stuck our heads out the back windows. We like doing that.

At the vet where we know the smells, Freya and I watered the grass. The people there are really nice. They took me in the back, and I went to sleep. Later, Keith and Carole talked to the vet, who showed them my pictures – Freya was there, too. Then we all got back in the car and drove home.

Another day, we all went for a longer ride in the car to a place with new dog smells. Freya and I watered the grass there, too. The people were really nice. I went to sleep and when I woke up in the night, the people gave me something to eat. I like to eat.

My leg hurt so I licked it. The nice people said, “Heathcliff, no licking! Good boy.” I cried a little when Carole came to pick me up. She took me outside, and I sniffed and watered the grass. I like that.

To get in and out of the car, I had to climb a ramp, which I don’t like. I did it because Carole said, “Heathcliff, come! Good boy.” That night, I had to wear an e-collar, an Elizabethan collar or cone of shame on my head. I bonked around in that cone and couldn’t sleep. It was confusing. In the middle of the night, Carole and Keith took turns taking me outside to water the grass. Then they said, “Heathcliff, go to your bed.” I like my nest bed.

HeathcliffKeithFreyaNow Carole feeds me pills in treats – Freya gets treats, too – and takes me on many short walks so I can sniff and water the grass. When she comes along, Freya muzzles next to me and squats. Carole says, “Good boy, Heathcliff,” when I have a poop. I snort and smile. Keith puts ice and heat on my leg and moves it, which I don’t like. He says, “Heathcliff, stay! Good boy,” and soon I feel better.

Here are my tips:

  • Sometimes you get hurt when doing things you enjoy, like athletes with ACL injuries, which is the human version of the ruptured cruciate ligament in my left knee.
  • Even when injured and recovering, you still get to do lots of fun things: going in the car and sticking your head out the back window, walking, sniffing, watering the grass, pooping, eating, sleeping in your bed and getting treats.
  • People are really nice. It’s OK to cry a little and not like doing what they want you to do. They say, “Atta boy,” or “Atta girl” if you’re a Freya dog, and you feel better. Later maybe you’ll get to chase deer and turkeys again.


  1. Carol Cutler

    Heathcliff, I was limping some a few weeks ago and then got over it. Sorry about your injury as it was pretty serious for a dog’s leg.

  2. Carole Duff

    Thanks Buddy. Freya and I would really like to play with you some day.


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