Maybe I missed something. With all the political posturing surrounding Hilary Rosen’s comment about Ann Romney not working a day in her life, I haven’t heard a word about time.

We all have 24 hours in a day for however long our lives last on earth. How do we choose to spend that time, being, doing and relating to others? How present are we in our lives? How much do we outsource to others? How well can we know others’ lives and choices without walking in their shoes?

I chose to marry and have three children, to be a mother to Jessica and David who I raised and to Alex who I gained when I married his father. After Jessica and David were born, I also chose to continue my teaching career, my salary being no small consideration in that decision.

Even multitasking, I only really did one of those jobs at any given time. When I was teaching high school students, other caretakers and teachers – Charlotte Wilhelm (“Sha-Sha”), Cornerstone School, Dooley Elementary and after-school with Betsy McHale – all were my young children’s “parents” in my absence. During holidays and summers, I was mostly a full-time parent. These were wonderful times, and the hardest work I have ever done.

From what I’ve read, Ann Romney knows about being a parent. I don’t know if Hilary Rosen does or not. Ann Romney has not held a job outside the home, while Hilary Rosen has a high profile career. Apparently, Ann Romney knows wealth, and I suspect that Hilary Rosen isn’t poor.

But who are these people really? What do they actually do? How do they relate to others? How do they spend their time?

How do you spend your time?


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