Scene 1: Several weeks ago

Person: Sherry, Medical Technician
Place: Northridge Medical Park
Thing: Checkup

S: “Hi, Carole. My name is Sherry, and I’ll be doing your mammogram today.”

C: “Oh, thank you so much, Sherry. This is my first time at this facility, but I know the drill.”

S: “So you are new to the area? Slip your arm out of the gown and lean forward. Now hold still. Ok, step back. Do you like Thai food? There’s a great takeout place in Nelson County. People come from miles around; you wouldn’t believe it! The image looks good, so let’s do a lateral.”

C: “What’s the name, and where is it located?”

S: “Ok, lean in again. Hold still. I don’t remember exactly. Thai something, I think, and on that road between 151 and 29 somewhere around Lovingston.”

C: “I’ll look it up online. Thanks so much for the recommendation!”

S: “You’re welcome, and welcome to Charlottesville!”

Scene 2: Late afternoon last Saturday

Person: Proprietress
Places: Thai Siam Take Out
Thing: Food

P: “Hello, you pick up order? What your phone? I no write English.”

C: “Yes, I called a couple of hours ago; my number starts with area code ###.”

P: “Here your order. It come to $39.02.”

C: “Here’s $45, please keep it, and thank you so much! The food looks delicious!”

P: “Thank you! You have good weekend and come again!”

Scene 3: Early evening

Person: Keith
Place: Vanaprastha
Thing: Sky

K: I guess you mix this pink liquid into the peanut chips and spoon it over the fresh spring rolls. The vegetables are very fresh!”

C: And the Tom Yum Goong is both hot and sweet with fresh ginger slices, straw mushrooms, and what’s this? Maybe lemon grass? So this is authentic Thai food, not like the Americanized Thai food we’ve eaten before.

K: This container has the jasmine rice; here’s the ginger stir-fry with a wood ear; and that other container is the red curry. Um, the coconut milk is sweet and rich. We’re not going to be able to eat everything.

C: Um, you’re right, it is sweet and delicious! And that’s ok; the leftovers will make a good lunch. Oh, tonight Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon are in the western sky. Aren’t we lucky to have all these people, places and things in our lives?

For what are you grateful?


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