Last weekend, Keith and I went to Davis Creek Farm to pick up a bulk order of beef from Adam Aucoin. Allowing time for less-than-optimal road conditions, we drove down the mountain, entered the address into the Tom-Tom navigation system and proceeded south down 151 across route 6 east to 29 south. That’s when our adventure began. Turn right ahead; then turn right. “The GPS directed us to pass Davis Creek Lane and turn on some other road and into someone’s driveway,” my husband fussed. Turn around then turn left; left turn ahead. “We can’t turn on that road; it isn’t even cleared.” “Let’s go back to 29 and turn on Davis Creek Lane,” I suggested. The GPS could not find us, but that didn’t stop the lady from giving directions. Turn right, turn left, turn around.  Implausible turns and driveways increasingly became a source of humor. The GPS lady was more lost than we were. It was time to come up with another plan.

Amid the rolling fields, wooded hillsides and mountain streams, I managed to get enough of a signal to complete a quick call to Adam, letting him know that we were on our way as soon as he pointed us in the right direction. In an easy 5 minutes, we arrived at the farm and followed Adam passed the brown house to a back cottage that served as a storage building with freezer. We let our dog Heathcliff out to explore and sniff while we walked to the cottage and into yet another adventure.

Someone else’s GPS wasn’t working that day. A bright red male cardinal had somehow found his way inside, a fact of great interest to the white-and-black farm cat perched on a table in front of the window overlooking the chicken coop. Fly to the table, then turn right, the bird’s GPS voice said. “I can’t get through the window glass, and now the cat sees me.” Turn around; then go straight out the door. Heathcliff walked in at that point, and the poor bird’s GPS sputtered. Turn left, then keep right. “Now I’m behind the couch; I can’t go under it. And there’s a big, black dog blocking the exit.” Turn around then go straight. “The cat sees me again. Now what?” Fly to the table, then turn right.  “I just did that, and I still can’t fly through the window. “ Lucky for the bird, the cat, seeing Heathcliff, jumped off the table and ran into a back room, Heathcliff in curious pursuit. “I think I’ll just turn off the GPS and wing it.” And so the Cardinal came up with another plan.

When do you turn off your GPS?


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