It’s never too late to get over myself

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Faith, Local or Human Interest | 4 comments |

Isaiah55verse13b_071220Yesterday, I had an opportunity to get over myself.

The story behind this picture of me, reading Isaiah 55:10-13 at Bethany Lutheran Church, appears in a guest post on The Perennial Gen that went live last Thursday: My piece addresses July-August themes of steadying spiritual practices and church during pandemic.


Please read, share, and leave comments on my site or The Perennial Gen site—and check out other posts. Again, my thanks to Michelle Van Loon and Amanda Cleary Eastep for providing a place for writers of faith who are “growing deeper roots in the dirt and light of midlife.”


  1. ekurie

    Moses had to get over himself, too and look what God did through him!

  2. bigskybuckeye

    Carole, thank you for sharing your personal testament. God finds a purpose for all of us, as we open up new chapters in our lives. Your discussion reminds me of something James Dobson wrote about “being third” in our lives. God comes first, next come others, and third comes ourselves.

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you for sharing James Dobson’s “being third.” Good to keep that in my back pocket so I can take it out whenever I need reminding…. which is pretty much all the time. Maybe permanent marker the palm of my hand.


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