Daddy_Christmas1976This coming Saturday is my father’s 96th birthday. Though he’s been gone for over twenty years, I still think of him on Father’s Day and his birthday. I remember him on Thanksgiving, carving the turkey, his Ho-Ho-Ho’s at Christmastime, plowing snow in winter, tilling the garden in spring, mowing the lawn in summer, planting bulbs with my mother in fall, and…


Today, I share a father-related guest post of mine that went live today on Streetlight Magazine’s blog:


If you would like to hear/watch this post, here’s the link to my illustrated voice recording on my YouTube channel:


  1. bigskybuckeye

    Carole, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading the written text as well as listening to the YouTube post.

    • Carole Duff

      Thanks so much for reading and listening. Monday’s YouTube upload will feature a little music—mine. Would love your feedback, especially suggestions for improvement.

      • bigskybuckeye

        I am looking forward to listening. Thank you for sharing the upcoming post.


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