freyaheathcliffjan2019As high winds ushered in last night’s cold front, Heathcliff huddled in his nest bed. He fears the sound of wind, beating against the house and knocking down patio furniture. This morning, the temperature outside registered in the low teens, zero with the wind chill factored in. Both Freya and Heathcliff curled up next to the warm stove. When we walked the mountain road, I was afraid of brain freeze.

Fear is the mind-killer.
heathcliffwithbabywaterturtleThis week, another guest blog of mine, featuring turtles and Heathcliff, pictured here with a baby water turtle we found a few years ago. The post went live early this morning on the Brevity Blog site. Many thanks to Brevity editor Dinty W. Moore for publishing my piece, “Of Turtles and Fear: A Writer Faces the Mind-Killer.”


I hope you enjoy it. If you feel so inclined, please comment and share.


  1. ekurie

    “fear is a little death” never thought of it that way but indeed it is.

  2. Carole Duff

    I love the quote from Dune and keep it in my back pocket as a constant reminder. Thank you for your comment! -C.D.

  3. Linda Thomas

    I read your post “Of Turtles and Fear” at Brevity on Facebook and thoroughly enjoyed your message, which I needed, and your writing style. I look forward to knowing more about the faith-related memoir you’re writing. I, too, write such memoirs.

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you for reading my post on Brevity Blog and for your comment. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading your posts. As for my faith memoir, I am in the “revision times infinity” stage:-) -C.D.

  4. Luanne

    Congrats, Carole! I will go read it!


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