jansnow2019Winter storm Gia arrived this past weekend, starting late Saturday afternoon. Early Sunday morning, we woke to a wonderland covered with sleet.

Outside snow and ice
Tucked in warm by the fireplace
A good day to write.

Today, as we dig out from the storm, I share another guest post of mine that went live yesterday on The Perennial Gen site: https://theperennialgen.com/what-creativity-feels-like-%EF%BB%BF/. As noted, the piece was excerpted and adapted from my faith memoir in progress—a bit of a sneak peek that focuses on The Perennial Gen’s theme for January: Creativity.

Please read, share, and/or leave a comment on The Perennial Gen site, and check out other posts. Again, my thanks to Michelle Van Loon and Amanda Cleary Eastep for providing a place for writers of faith who are “growing deeper roots in the dirt and light of midlife.”


  1. Laurie

    Heading over to The Perrenial Gen to read the post. When did we begin naming winter storms?!?! 😀

    • Carole Duff

      Good question, Laurie, and thanks for asking. So, I did a quick search and discovered that The Weather Channel began naming winter storms in late 2012. Hurricanes got female names starting in 1953, male and female names in 1978-79. Not particularly creative but interesting. -C.D.

  2. bigskybuckeye

    I enjoyed reading some of your experience as a “novice” writer. I can identify with your feelings as I am now retired from teaching and putting my energy and time into writing.

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you for your comment. We’re all in this together! -C.D.


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