Revision Times Infinity

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RakingGravelAug2018Torrential rain coursed the down mountain yesterday afternoon here at Vanaprastha, creating rivulets along the driveway. This morning, I went out to assess the damage and rake gravel into the erosive paths. Every few years, we hire our landscaper to grade and re-gravel the driveway.

Revision times infinity.


Last week, I received preliminary feedback from my writing coach on the restructured draft of my faith memoir. Use more reflective voice to connect chapter to chapter and scene to scene, she said, sit in the tense moments, zoom in on details that matter, cut details that don’t. In other words, get rid of the useless stuff and write more good stuff.

Revision times infinity.

This stage of writing happens between rewriting—big changes like filling plot holes, adding or dropping characters, and restructuring—and editing, little changes. It’s helpful to get feedback from beta readers before entering the revision times infinity stage, and to ask questions. Has every chapter, scene, and character earned its place in the story? Is the author’s voice consistent, pacing appropriate, and settings well grounded?

When I think I’m done with revision times infinity—or completely sick of the manuscript—I’ll step away for a while. Then I’ll read it with fresh eyes and give my manuscript to other readers. I won’t really be done with revision until the book is in print. Then I can say, “The End.”


Every morning, I start my day with a cup of coffee and my faith journal. I copy scripture passages based on faith reflections I subscribe to online then write prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication—ACTS. My confessions tend to be similar—selfishness (putting myself before God), falling short, lack of trust.

Revision times infinity. Until the end.

But until then, every day brings new opportunities to rake gravel. To journal, pray, work with nature, and write. All require patience, humility, open-mindedness, willingness to learn, and reliance on others.

And confidence in my identity as a child of God.


  1. captivatedchild

    Thank you for sharing this!!! Sometimes I get so impatient with myself that this has reminded me to trust the process

    • Carole Duff

      Thank you for your comment. I forget all the time that God is the scriptwriter, not me. Thanks for reading!


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