Simple Directions

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“Go straight-on for 18 years.”  You betcha. I’ve got my parents guiding me.

“Turn left ahead then follow the road for 4 years.”  Yup. That’s what I planned for college.

“After 2 years, turn right.”  Nope. I know a better way.

“Turn around when possible.”  Not going to happen. I’m getting married and moving to Texas.

Planning a new route.

“Go straight-on for 16 years.”  Will do. Kids ready for school then it’s 75 Central Expressway to work and back.

“Stay right.”  I can’t. There’s a roadblock. My marriage failed.

Planning a new route.

“After 11 years, turn left and go east.”  OK, kids are off to college, but I don’t know anyone in Baltimore.

“In .8 years, turn right.”  Where are You taking me?

“Go south on 95 to Alexandria, Virginia.”  I didn’t plan on falling in love again.mountain_road

“After 7 years, go southwest on 29 towards Charlottesville.”  Really, this beautiful place?

“In 2 years, you have reached your current destination.”  Thanks to God’s GPS.

Some day we’ll plan a new route.


  1. fit2sail

    Oh, I like this, Carole. What a lovely interplay between expectation and reality. Thanks for sharing.

    • Carole Duff

      Expectations and willfulness can blind us to reality and authenticity. Thanks for your comment, Nica! -C.D.

  2. Carol Cutler

    How perfect for life journey assistance.

  3. Carole Duff

    Wouldn’t it be nice if I always listened to simple directions?
    Thanks for your comment.


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