Last week, a cold front came across the eastern part of the county, moving in the typical pattern from northwest to southeast. On the weather map, a blue line with triangles swept away temperatures in red.  Cool, dry air replaced the warm humidity of the previous several days.

Weather fronts, classified as cold or warm (also stationary or occluded), are transition zones between contrasting air masses. Cold fronts usually bring clear skies, a change in wind direction and cooler temperatures but are often associated with violent weather. Thank goodness, last week’s front arrived with only a few rumbles of thunder and brief showers.

Last week’s blog post “the line in the sand” marked a personal transition zone, a dramatic frontal boundary. Thus I was doubly grateful for a more gentle change – and the cool temperatures during my morning ‘God time’ walk with Heathcliff and Freya.

Our dogs wake up about 5:00, when the coffee timer beeps, and ask Keith for a “hurry up” break. But I wait until it’s light enough to see the road – about 6:30 these days – before taking the dogs for our two-mile walk.

MtRdBottomIn the cool morning air, the way down the mountain seems easy. A light breeze picks up, and dew drips from overhanging trees. Heathcliff and Freya check their favorite sniff spots and bound into the woods chasing squirrels and deer. Towards the bottom of the mountain, the road straightens and levels out. Ahead, the sun rises, and the dogs rejoin me to receive their treats.

MtRdUpAbout mid-way back up the mountain, the hike becomes increasingly challenging, especially as we get closer to home. My steps slow as I navigate steep inclines and shifting gravel. I’m more likely to notice sharp drop-offs and darkness, the twists and turns that obscure the road ahead. Even in cool, dry weather, I pant and sweat with the effort. I know I’m getting a good workout.

Life means transition and change – quick and dramatic, slow and calm, warm or cold fronts, stationary or occluded – blocked. I have no control over the weather or what might be around the next corner. But I choose to walk humbly with God. I choose to walk the mountain. I know I’m getting a good workout.


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