At Christmastime, many of us decorate our homes and offices, send greetings, visit family and give gifts more than usual. My children and I always baked cookies to thank teachers, neighbors, friends and colleagues. After my children left the nest, holiday cookie baking scaled back. This year, I only baked about ten dozen cookies. I still like to share and thought perhaps my readers would like a gift from my grandmother: one of our favorite cookie recipes.

Ginger Sparkles

2 cups flour

1 tbls ginger (generous tablespoon of ground ginger)

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp soda

½  tsp salt

1 cup sugar (granulated not brown)

3/4 cup shortening

1 egg

¼ cup molasses

Mix as you would any cookies (dry ingredients in shifter, sugar & shortening creamed together, add egg & molasses, then add dry ingredients). Mix well – they will be very stiff.  Bake (see below) or, preferably, cover and leave in refrigerator overnight or for several hours.

Take 1 tsp, form a ball and roll in sugar; place on cookie sheet far enough apart so they won’t run together.  Cook until brown. They will fall some after taken out of the oven so let sit in pan a few minutes.

Great with coffee!

What is your favorite holiday recipe?


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