Autumn Equinox

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How beautiful, the fragile wings of unseen things
How terrible the transience of misplaced dreams
In my pocket there hides a scrap
That has written finely ‘Je t’aime’
Unguessed by you there hides a key
To the portal you’ve search for, to me
Stars glide, spinning in the twilight eve
And we, so quiet underneath
Trading views, you and me –
I feel the soul shake in you
Drawing you along where it goes
Sleep slides over me as I sit here so
And I wait for you
Softly though,
In a bed of crescent moonlight
I see the same dreams as you
But in this world of all I want
You are the farthest from me
Somewhere, once, in a place I can’t stay
I knew you, and loved you, and lost you –
Since late equals never this day
Take the memory along where you go
Hidden with other things that you know
Repeating even as it fades away
Softly though
In a bed of crescent moonlight
Trading dreams, me and you
Your wishes and mine are alike through and through
But in this world of all I want
You are the farthest from me.

Today is Gretchen’s 35th birthday, and she wrote this poem.
Rest in peace. Your father and I will see you on the mountain.

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  1. Sarah Myers

    This is beautiful and sad and lovely all at once. I love the “cresent moonlight” phrase she repeats. My best to all of you as we enter autumn.


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