Enneagram: Eight wings to Seven, a happy place for One

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When first arriving at Vanaprastha, we routinely take inventory: trees still standing guard, new vegetation growing? What’s in the refrigerator, what did we bring, and what do we need? I’m a relatively good day-to-day maintenance person, but can honestly say that I hate mundane shopping unless watching my focused-Eight husband wing to his playful-Seven side.

Keith takes life rugged-face first; his confrontational, practical side prefers everything “just so”.  Sometimes his German mother’s words come out of his mouth. You say dinner will be ready about 6:20, but do you mean 6:17 or 6:22?   (I mean about 6:20 for goodness sakes!) An exacting Eight can be a point of consensus or trial for a One like me, a perfectionist distracted by an internal court that is always in session.

Keith is much more fun when curiosity captures his attention making him a great shopper. Sure, why not? I hear his Irish father say. And so it was that day when my bear-slayer went shopping and veered off the prescribed path to the land of discovery. While I unpacked and tidied, time elapsed far exceeding a short grocery list.

Well, you see, Sweetheart, there was a chess-playing group at the True-Value Hardware store, and cheeses to try at the Basic Necessities, then a Belgian beer tasting event at that little convenience grocery store.

Basic Necessities Shop

I sent my German-Eight husband shopping, but a happy Irishman-Seven returned, not necessarily with things on the original list but some intriguing substitutes. Woo-hoo, jury dismissed!

Are you a “just so” shopper or an adventurer?


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